Types of Sedation

Sedation is not necessary for endodontic procedures but can assist certain patients remain calm which enables ease in providing their care. For patients who have a strong aversion to dental procedures, sedation also enables the dental staff to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively. The comfort level of the patient is always the greatest priority in determining the care regimen for any patient.

During your consultation/examination with Dr. Angell, you may express the desire to use some form of sedation. Dr. Angell will take the time to discuss various sedation options which may be most appropriate for your particular circumstance.

Oral Sedation

Our office offers the opportunity for a patient to use oral sedation. Although oral sedation does not cause patients to fall asleep, most patients will fall asleep on their own due to feeling so at ease. For those patients who elect to use an oral sedative, Dr. Angell would prescribe the sedative at an examination appointment and instruct the patient regarding how to take the medication prior to the actual endodontic treatment appointment. While under the effects of an oral sedative, patients can NOT drive themselves (or utilize any ride sharing service) to their appointment with Dr. Angell. Patients must have someone escort them into our office, as well as have someone retrieve the patient from inside the office when the appointment is finished. At the end of the treatment appointment, Dr. Angell will discuss treatment provided and post-operative instructions with the patient and their escort.

** Patients are advised that they may NOT use Uber/Lyft as a means of travel to and from the office while under the effects of an oral sedative **

I.V. Sedation

Some patients may elect to be “completely asleep”  for their endodontic treatment. In that regard, we can assist with coordinating the services of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist to perform the I.V. sedation (intravenous sedation). Patients will have the opportunity to speak with the anesthesiologist prior to their dental appointment to learn pre-treatment instructions and have their questions answered by the anesthesiologist.

For any questions regarding sedation options, please contact our office (949)640-0020.